“they were in their room, when the boys came in and killed them all”

Our testimony this week shows the absence of logic or method to the pattern of violent attacks on residents of the SoE states. ‎In this short piece the victim narrates the abrupt manner an attack he experienced happened. 
If you are interested in volunteering for TAP by helping with translations and/or interviews, or even contributing to TAP by sending in interviews of affected Nigerians in the northeastern part of the country, do send us an email at testimonialarchiveproject@gmail.com 
What is your name please?
My name is Buba Adamu, from Sabon Fegi, Damaturu, Yobe State.
Can you tell us how you were affected by these attacks?
Yes, it has affected me directly.
Can you elaborate on that please
Yes, at the beginning of these attacks, when the attacks first started happening, there were my brother and my uncle, they were in their room, when the boys (boko haram) came in and killed them all. That’s all I know.
Your elder brother and uncle?
Yes, both of them.
When did this happen?
About 2 years ago.
Apart from this, was there any other attack that any of your relatives was caught up in?
No, there was none.
What can you say about your relationship with other people in the town especially with the situation on ground, do people help one another or everyone is on his own?
Well as of now, the town is back to normal, we thank God for that. Everything is okay now.
Do you receive advance warning before an attack like they do in maiduguri or it just happens?
No, we never do. It just happens.
Thank you, that’s all.

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