“What we will say is that may God bring an end to this all”

A volunteer for TAP in Maiduguri interviewed a young civil servant named Yahya on the security situation in his community. Like Hamid in the previous interview, he attests that the security situation in Maiduguri has calmed. but very unstable in the more rural communities outside the main city.

If you are interested in contributing to TAP by sending in interviews of affected Nigerians in the northeastern part of the country, do send us an email at testimonialarchiveproject@gmail.com 

What changes have you noticed as a result of Boko Haram activities in your area?

We have faced so many troubles since when this problems started. We have gone through so many changes in our lives, so much pain and suffering. What we will say is that may God bring an end to this all. Those who we have lost, may God forgive them, and those of us still alive, may God protect us along the way.

Through what has been happening, what are the challenges the government workers and all have been facing?

Of course, government workers have been experiencing so many challenges especially when everything was at its peak, a lot of them were killed. Police officers, Teachers and any individual involved with the government. But we thank God it is now calm, especially for us living in the town of Maiduguri, we are mostly safe except when we have work that takes us out of town.

So within the town, what kinds of problem are other people(non-government officials) in the city centre and other neigbouring towns facing?

In the town all the earlier challenges have subsided, the only thing is that people are scared as a result of the attacks around the town.  And those in the villages are in critical condition.


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