“When God brings a plague…”

A volunteer for TAP spoke to Hamid, a man who lives in Maiduguri, about the impact of the militancy on the livelihood of those in town and villages. The violence in Maiduguri has subsided, he says, but challenges remain in towns and villages.

What changes have you noticed as a result of the militants’ activities in your area?

Bismillah Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim(In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful). We are facing challenges in the town [Maiduguri] no doubt, but with what we have seen before it has subsided unlike the way it was previously. What concerns us is that which is currently happening at the villages and the sad events around us.

In terms of feeding, commercial activities and ordinary day to day activities what has this incident caused?

Well, when God brings a plague, or problems like this, there are bound to be challenges no matter how little. We have faced serious problems in our commercial activities, with our families, it is affecting the education of our children. What we get before is not the way it is anymore. Our buying and selling activities have dropped, even the usual day-to-day hustle.

 How is the violence impact the livelihood of people in Borno State in both the towns and villages? how have they been coping?

It is a serious challenge. Because the people in towns and villages depend on themselves. The challenges are severe in the villages because now they cant stay in their homes or go to farm as usual and this leaves the towns without food. Those in the villages are usually farmers, we in the city are mostly into business. We buy their produce, we pay them and they survive. We pray to God to bring an end to all this, to protect us, and forgive those that have gone during this problem.


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