“We have been praying so the state will be normal again”

TAP spoke to Amina, a nurse and midwife who lived and worked in Maiduguri until just this year, when she fled for fear of the violence. She now lives and works in Gombe, and spoke about the state of public services and hospitals in Borno State under the insurgency.

Formerly the North was a peaceful place, but this thing has affected our community drastically, because most of our people that are in Borno State, those that are petty traders and are engaged in other businesses, most of them… some have been killed, some have relocated. And you know most of us including myself are no more in Borno, including other friends of mine, you know. All of us we are managing where we are.

We have been praying so the state will be normal again, so that by the grace of God we can go back to our houses in Maiduguri and Borno State in general. So it has really affected us, and not only our community.

Right now, this thing has affected almost everybody, everybody, every normal human being in Borno State has been affected. Mostly non-indigenes have left, even in the university, state hospital, even in the management board, most of the non-indigenes have left. And yes, it’s actually affecting services seriously. A lot of people are retiring and some that have retired have no replacement, no deployment. That affects hospitals seriously. And when the hospitals are affected, it’s the poor people that are affected. There is difficulty in employing more people; If possible they could have been employing more nurses and doctors.

Right now as we’re discussing, I’m telling you, not in Borno State alone. But in other states they are trying. I know of my colleagues that have left Borno State employment, they have picked up employment in Jigawa and they are doing fine; but here no deployment, no form of human resources. No staff to serve in the hospital; which is not fair on the side of the masses.


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